238 Main Street, Cold Spring, New York   10516


                                                                  January 3, 2005

                                                                       8:00 p.m.


                                                                  Public Hearing



1)                  NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS:  Appeal #703 for a Special Use Permit to legalize the removal of three whip antennas and replacing with nine panel antennas in order to upgrade Nextel’s existing wireless communication facility.  This is a continuation of a public hearing held on November 15, 2004.  (Located 22 Sky Lane Terrace, Garrison) in an R-80 District.  TM #83.18-1-23


2)                  JOHN SPINA:  Appeal #753 for a Variance to right setback of proposed addition 12.8’. 

Request variance of 17.2’.  (Located 60 Ridge Road, Garrison) in an R-80 District.  TM #83. 18-1-37


      3)         TOM & HEATHER CAMPBELL:  Appeal #752 for a Variance to build a second story

 addition and a 10’ rear extension and a new deck.  5’9” setback variance on right side needed

 and 14’3” setback variance on left side needed.  (Located 159 Old West Point Road East, Garrison) in an R-80 District.  TM #82.8-1-5


                                                            REGULAR MEETING


      4)         REVIEW OF MINUTES              November 29, 2004


5)                  WINIFRED REHAK:  Appeal #741 for a Variance.  Applicant wishes to construct an

Addition to an existing building that would be within the required setback from (a) Route 9 Street line (b) Route 9 centerline (c) other street line (d) setback from residence district boundary.  (a) from 50 to 1.5, variance of 48.5’ (b) from 100 to 31, a variance of 69’ (c) from 50 to 7.1, a variance of 42.9’ (d) from 35 to 24’ +/-, a variance of 11 feet.  This is a continuation of a public hearing held on October 4, and November 1, 2004.  (Located 3165 Route 9, Cold Spring) in a B-2 District.  TM#27.  11-1-18  REVIEW DRAFT RESOLUTION


      6)         MARYANN ALBANESE:  Appeal #754 for Variances:  Shed #1:   front setback 24.5’,

                   variance of 14.5’; left setback. 3’, variance of 29.7’.  Shed #2:  front setback 39’, variance of 1’;

                   left setback.4’, variance of 29.6’.  Addition:  left setback 1.8’, variance of 28.2’.  (Located 24

                   Hudson River Lane, Garrison) in an R-80 District.  TM #89.7-1-10.


      7)          PAULA CLAIR:  Appeal 755 for a Variance of 12’ on the right side of a deck that was built                        

 by previous owner.  (Located 162 Gallows Hill Road, Garrison) in an R-20 District.  TM #91.5- 3-72.  REVIEW FOR COMPLETENESS


8)                    LAURIE BROWN and MARK MAZZYE:  Appeal #756 for a Variance for insufficient front setback of a structurally sound and imposing deck.  The deck in question was already built when applicants purchased the home in 1999.  (Located 25 Winston Lane, Garrison) in an R-40 District.  TM #90.8-2-30.  REVIEW FOR COMPLETENESS


        9)          JOHN and LANI LEUTHNER:  Appeal #757 for a Variance.  Because property is long and  

                      narrow applicants could not meet requirements of front yard setback of 40 feet for a shed. 

    (Located 188 Old West Point Road-East, Garrison) in an R-40 District.  TM#82.8-1-36. 




                for an Interpretation.  Applicants request to revoke and nullify permit issued for a commercial

                structure that permittee intends and has been told he is permitted to use for commercial

                purposes which are not permitted in the R-80 District.  (Located 5 Fox Glove Lane, Garrison)

                in an R-80 District.  TM #60.-2-37  REVIEW FOR COMPLETENESS


11)                      TIMOTHY J. and MARY C. DONOVAN:  Appeal #759 for a Variance.  Applicants

Request a 20-inch variance on the western property line.  The dining room addition has an 18’4” setback from property line which requires a 20-inch variance.  This variance request is highlighted by the fact that the pre-existing main section of the home is only 6’2” from this property line.  (Located 362 Old West Point Road, Garrison) in an R-40 District.  TM #71.2-42  REVIEW FOR COMPLETENESS



12)                      OLD BUSINESS/NEW BUSINESS



Vincent Cestone, Chairman

Philipstown Zoning Board of Appeals



                  NOTE:  Items may not be called in order shown.  Not all items may be called.