Public Hearing - January 25, 2007


The Philipstown Planning Board for the Town of Philipstown, New York will hold a public hearing on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the VFW Hall on Kemble Avenue in Cold Spring, New York to consider the following applications:

Verizon Wireless - Application dated November 15, 2006 for approval of a site plan for a wireless colocation at an existing 100-foot stealth cellular tower on property owned by the Canopus Creek Prop., Inc. at 1111 NYS Route 9, Town of Philipstown.  Applicant proposes to extend the height of the camouflaged “tree” tower by ten feet, to a height of 110 feet and install antennas on this extension.  Verizon proposes to install a total of six antennas, each approximately four feet in height.  Three of the antennas will be installed at 102 feet above ground level and three at 107 feet above ground level.  The site is within a B-1 zoning district.  An equipment cabinet is also proposed at the base of the pole. Tax Map # 38 & 49-4-19.

Hemlock Properties - Application dated November 10, 2006 for approval of a minor subdivision and associated subdivision plat dated November 15, 2006 for access to two existing lots over a new easement.  The two lots which total 111 acres are situated southeast of Avery Road and west of NYS Route 9.  The site supports one existing residential structure on the 80 acre proposed “south parcel”.  Both lots would gain access from an existing driveway from Avery Road through the south parcel, which crosses lands owned by the City of New York via an existing easement.  A fifty foot wide access easement on the south parcel is proposed for a length of approximately 1,400 feet to provide access to the 31 acre north parcel.  The site is within an R-80 zoning district.  Tax Map # 60.-2-60 & 49.-4-17.  

At said hearing all persons will have the right to be heard.  Copies of the application, plat map, site plan and related material may be seen in the Office of the Planning Board at the Town Hall.

Dated at Philipstown, New York, this 2nd day of January, 2007.

George Cleantis, Chairman