Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Town Clerk's Office Tara K. Percacciolo Town Clerk townclerk1@philipstown.com (845) 265-3329
Town Clerk's Office Kelly MacIntyre Deputy Town Clerk kmacintyre@philipstown.com
Supervisor's Office John Vantassel Town Supervisor supervisor@philipstown.com (845) 265-5200
Town Board Jason Angell Council Member jangell@philipstown.com
Town Board Judith Farrell Council Member jfarrell@philipstown.com
Town Board Robert Flaherty Council Member rflaherty@philipstown.com
Town Board Megan Cotter Council Member mcotter@philipstown.com
Assessor's Office Brian Kenney Town Assessor assessor@philipstown.com (845) 265-5203
Building Department Greg Wunner Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer (845) 265-5202
Building Department Linda Valentino Clerk lvalentino@philipstown.com (845) 265-5202
Building Department Neal Tomann Commercial Fire Inspector
Building Department Max Garfinkle Natural Resource Officer / Wetlands Inspector mgarfinkle@philipstown.com
Building Department Cheryl Rockett Secretary to Zoning, Planning & Conservation Boards crockett@philipstown.com (845) 265-5202
Highway Department Adam Hotaling Highway Superintendent highwaydepartment@philipstown.com (845) 265-3530
Recreation Department Cecily Hall Interim Director (845) 424-4618
Recreation Department Susan Richardson Recreation Supervisor
Recreation Department Lindsay Klippel Staff
Recreation Department Dennis Mazzuca Staff
Recreation Department Tim Merante Buildings & Grounds Supervisor
Recreation Department Walter Guzman Parks & Facilities
Philipstown Recreation Commission Bill Mazzuca Chair
Philipstown Recreation Commission Ben Cheah Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission Joel Conybear Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission Judy Farrell Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission Aric Kupper Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission John Maasik Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission Claudio Marzollo Member
Philipstown Recreation Commission Lydia McMahon Member
Conservation Board Andy Galler Chair agaller@philipstown.com
Conservation Board Tony Bardes Member tbardes@philipstown.com
Conservation Board Lew Kingsley Member
Conservation Board M.J. Martin Member mjmartin@philipstown.com
Conservation Board Madeline Rae Member mrae@philipstown.com
Conservation Board Bob Repetto Member brepetto@philipstown.com
Conservation Board Scott Silver Member ssilver@philipstown.com
Planning Board Neal Zuckerman Chair nzuckerman@philipstown.com
Planning Board Joe Burden Member jburden@philipstown.com
Planning Board Dennis Gagnon Member dgagnon@philipstown.com
Planning Board Peter Lewis Member plewis@philipstown.com
Planning Board Laura O'Connell Member loconnell@philipstown.com
Planning Board Neal Tomann Member ntomann@philipstown.com
Planning Board Heidi Wendel Member hwendel@philipstown.com
Zoning Board of Appeals Robert Dee Chair rdee@philipstown.com
Zoning Board of Appeals Vincent Cestone Member vcestone@philipstown.com
Zoning Board of Appeals Granite Frisenda Member gfrisenda@philipstown.com
Zoning Board of Appeals Janice Hogan Member jhogan@philipstown.com
Zoning Board of Appeals Leonard Lim Member